Programmes available at Knut Hahn Gymnasieskola

All national programmes cover 2,500 high school credits and are divided into academic programmes and vocational programmes.


Business Management and Economics Programme
Economy, entrepreneurship and the study of law.

Arts programme
Arts, music, film, photo and drama.

Natural science programme
Mathematics and natural sciences.

Social science programme
Social sciences, psychology, media and communication.

Technical programme
Design, product development, information technology and media.


Child and Recreation Programme
Child recreation, spare time activities and social work.

Building- and Construction programme
Construction and maintenance of buildings.

Electricity- and Energy programme
Electric installations, automated production and techniques of energy.

Industrial Technology Programme
Mechanical work with aircrafts.

Business- and administration programme
Trade, service and entrepreneurship.

Industrial programme
Industrial processes, product development and welding.

Introduction programme
For those who need to complete their skills, or improve their Swedish. This programme helps students
to develop themselves and progress in their studies and future plans.

Flight Technology programme
The flight technology programme is a nationwide recruitment programme for those of you who would like to
work as mechanics on airplanes or helicopters.