International work

We work actively with different international activities in the school. Young people of today have more mobility in their lives, regarding their studies and work, and so will be able to consider the whole world as their place of work in the future. By making contact with people from other countries and cultures during their time in school, their ability to adapt to new conditions and environments increases. Therefore we offer our students a lot of opportunities to participate in our different international activities.

Different international projects
Eramus+ KA1 project 2017-2019

Job Shadowing for 18 staff from Gymnasieskolan Knut Hahn at schools in Austria, Poland, Spain, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Denmark and Norway.
We also receive teachers from these countries for Job Shadowing at our school.

Erasmus+ KA2 project 2018-2020

Together with students and teachers from Austria, Poland, Spain and The Netherlands.
Title: ”Cultural heritage and building cultural competence”
21 students and 10 teachers participate from Gymnasieskolan Knut Hahn.

Erasmus+ KA3 project 2015-2018

12 Students and 3 teachers from the Technical programme at Gymnasieskolan Knut Hahn have participated in the project, together with students and teachers from Spain, Lithuania, Italy and The United Kingdom. The purpose of the project has been to create a network of youth, who are Ambassadors in computer knowledge and digital media in Europe.
Title: "Make: Learn: Share: Europe"
The project ended in October 2018.

Other international activities

• We also arrange activities on different international days at school; such as The European Language Day, The UN Day and The European Day.
• Each year students participate in “Juvenes Translatores” (a translation competition within the EU countries).
• We work with EU-related issues in different ways, and sometimes invite lecturers who work within EU.
• The school is part of a programme called “The European Parliament Ambassador Schools” (with 1000 other schools in Europe), and the purpose is to give information to students and staff about EU and to work with educational material concerning EU.